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Go ahead, beat this game (Grow 3.0 Flash Game)

posted by (W-) on 2005-03-05 12:50:42 [#787]
W-I got a 12,400 score, maxing out everything but the tube, cube, and ladder
W-ok I won, took a total of 6 tries
W-lemme know if you want a winning sequence
W-I've posted my favorite winning sequence in the comments
lrrrRrraarrr! thinking!!
W-the challenge is extreme if you don't record your steps each time through
lrrrI played and didn't max anything out
W-completely mix it up then
W-eventually you'll start to see the interactions that occur
W-and then you'll determine what has to occur before what, and then you can just optimize the sequence
lrrrThere is a dude living in the tornado
W-thats a bad thing
W-thats the bad way to use the tornado
lrrrthe cute animal stays.
W-volcanos are also bad

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